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So i was getting cancelled basically, and this was my last goodbye, everyone liked it


whats up everybody 


also i can't use green adjective sneets??

"I think we should get rid of presents" -last words of bonklomple from sneeter, mage who had over 10k clout but was killed for bad sneets

good game 10/10


"I just want to see feet is that so wrong?"

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well, unfortunately i failed at becoming sneeter famous, but i did have quite the collection of epic sneets.

everyone knows birds aren't real
1000 resneets and i'll jump
the rich were a mistake
please buy my mixtapes
friendships are okay sometimes
what if we merged hot tubs and peanut butter for the ultimate crossover

and finally, the sneet that did me in:


This is absolutely HILARIOUS. I love it!

Linux release possible?

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oh, you can steal words from sneets! so that's how you have enough nouns

how to restart?

game froze after i died

If you have bad luck like I do, the options that u have are: comments that need a word or prhase with the red dot, but u don't have of them in the list (u need to change the conditions to have at least one of them, when the post gonna be of a colour) but it's a great game! It's funny and cute (sorry if my english is bad, I usually don't write comments or anything)


defended my own star sign, immediately got cancelled and literally died. nice. i am living for this game's aesthetic tho omg

AHHH, I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH! It's: Cute, It's: Hilarious, It's: A social media roguelike? That gives you government assigned handles? I loved every second of this, and the aesthetic is on point