Welcome to Sneeter

Build up your clout from nothing and become Sneeter Famous in this roguelike social media simulator we made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 45!!

Sneeter.com has very refined tastes, and every run you need to find out what they are by Sneeting into the abyss. Do they like dogs? Do they like cats? The only way to find out is to Sneet about it. If you make a good Sneet, then you get clout. And if you make a bad Sneet, well…

You’ll just have to find out (actually though you just lose HP).

  • Each runthrough, people will like and dislike different things. It's up to you to find out what based on the reactions you get and use that to increase your clout. If you Sneet something like "I like dogs" and it gets a positive reception, then you now know people like dogs and if you Sneet more good things about dogs, people will like those too. However if you then Sneet something like "I think dogs should be able to vote" and people dislike your Sneet, then you know that people really hate the concept voting - the idea of dogs, something they like, voting, something they hate, is abhorrent to them. 
  • Build Sneets by collecting templates and words to put into the templates, whether using ones you get for free in the mail, or using ones you steal from other peoples' Sneets.
  • Attack determines how much clout you get, Defense determines how much damage you take when you make a bad Sneet, and HP determines how much HP you start with.

If you want your Twitter/Discord name to be in our game you can send it to us here and we'll add you after Ludum Dare is over!!

Known issues:

  • If you die the UI freezes up and you can’t click anything. Though this is a proper recreation of what happens when you die it is not intentional.
  • If you go to make a Sneet but don’t have the proper phrases/words to complete the Sneet, you’ll be stuck there forever.
  • Sometimes you’ll make a Sneet so bad it kills you in one hit. You are not supposed to take that much damage at once.


Programming by

Art, writing, and game design by

Fonts are from Chevy Ray’s Pixel fonts!

and a big thank you to everyone who donated their display names to us!!


SneeterWindows.zip 23 MB


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Hi! I'm the guy that won't stop sneeting about how we should cancel teeth and how much i like flower crowns :DAnd theirs also this, It got me canceled- 

jesus christ


my skeletons bring all the sans to the yard

that legit ended my game

its not working




what are the controls? this game seems cute and fun but I cannot figure out the controls


bro what are the controls


Currently, this is my most liked and commented on sneet. Nice. 

Apparently saying gamers should play video games was way too hot of a take

what do hashtags do

100k+ clout, this happened

(1 edit) (+1)

wanted to find out how many comments i can get saying anime is awful.

100k+ rlly answered my question

got ratioed to death for saying i didn't believe in dogs

ay i don't believe in dogs either

the three best topics for me were metroidvainias, skater boys, and girlfriends.


people really hated whenever I sneeted about fortnite so it's basically just like real life

(had a lot of fun laughs with this, great work!)

ok turns out people hate karaoke. 

i just said i am going to sing karaoke and they literally canceled me. chill people

I won first try. I was at 6 health left. Amazing, I love it

I WON!?!?!?!

(1 edit)

i physically cant take any damage. i stopped taking damage at around the 10th one? now i can mix country pop singers and cats in a dessert and people are like "OK! thats cool!". i also said at 1000 resneets i would commit tax fraud. people liked that too. Did i break it? lol

edit: i have started taking damage again at around sneet 50


it wont let mah play



How do I play? This seems like a really fun game but I'm so confused on what the controls are.


i said "i think we should cancel boyfriends" and i died

(1 edit) (+1)

shouldn't have messed with the fnf fandom


-sets username as caliguasAquarium, pic as the Aquarius symbol (the two waves) one of the words i gain is Vriska. Somebody who helped design the game is/was a homestuck fan.

1000 resneets and i'll go outside

this game knows me too well


My last words were...

I think we should get rid of the rich.

(1 edit) (+1)

"This only happened because I've never known the epic highs and lows of high school [sneet].", this reference genuinely made me chuckle.

I will never forget the post that basically ended my career... potatoes were... a mistake... h... how could I be so, foolish to make such a controversial post?!

This game seems pretty fun, but for some reason, Im having trouble being able to type my username. Sometimes the letters just wont show up but i can still click, and other times, The username bar goes completely idol and I can't interact with it at all. 


So i was getting cancelled basically, and this was my last goodbye, everyone liked it


You're a genius.


whats up everybody 


also i can't use green adjective sneets??

"I think we should get rid of presents" -last words of bonklomple from sneeter, mage who had over 10k clout but was killed for bad sneets

good game 10/10


"I just want to see feet is that so wrong?"

💬185         🔁 7058          9599

(1 edit)

One of my sneets was...

"feet are okay sometimes"

Which was made even better by the fact my handle was @licoricefeet which I decided to read as Lick-o-Feet, the whole time.



well, unfortunately i failed at becoming sneeter famous, but i did have quite the collection of epic sneets.

everyone knows birds aren't real
1000 resneets and i'll jump
the rich were a mistake
please buy my mixtapes
friendships are okay sometimes
what if we merged hot tubs and peanut butter for the ultimate crossover

and finally, the sneet that did me in:



This is absolutely HILARIOUS. I love it!


Linux release possible?

(1 edit) (+1)

oh, you can steal words from sneets! so that's how you have enough nouns


how to restart?

game froze after i died

refresh. this comment was over a year ago so this probably won't matter anymore.

If you have bad luck like I do, the options that u have are: comments that need a word or prhase with the red dot, but u don't have of them in the list (u need to change the conditions to have at least one of them, when the post gonna be of a colour) but it's a great game! It's funny and cute (sorry if my english is bad, I usually don't write comments or anything)

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