THIS IS A SUPER EARLY BUILD!!! be warned.......... (imagine im saying this in a ghost voice) saving should be working but if you're using webgl i would test it out by making a few changes, saving, refreshing the page, and trying to load the save, cause if for some reason the saving doesnt work with your computer/browser i dont want you to do a ton of work only for it to not save properly!! windows and mac downloads are at the bottom of the page (you dont need to buy them you can just skip right to the download!!)

if youd like to support us and our continued efforts to make this even better, you can through the above link!! thank you so much to everyone for all the patience and the support so far!!!

since this is so fresh it might be broken/run badly for you, but i will do whatever i can to make sure as many people can run it so dont worry if its not working for you right now, i will do my best to fix it!!

we have a form you can fill out here for any problems/feedback you might have!! or you can just comment down below. would love to know of any performance issues, bugs, being able to do something you shouldn't be able to do, problems with saving/loading, and anything you think might just help make the planner better. you can also can find me on twitter here!! thanks again!!


  • WASD/Arrow Keys - Move
  • Left Mouse - Place object
  • Right Mouse/Delete - Lower cliff/Remove object
  • Middle Mouse/I - Eyedropper tool
  • Scroll Wheel/Minus/Plus - Zoom
  • R/F - Camera Angle (you can press them more than once!!)
  • Q/E - Rotate Incline/Bridge
  • G - Toggle Grid
  • T - Toggle Greybox Mode
  • H - Hide Controls/UI (you can press it more than once!!)
  • M - Toggle minimap
  • 1/2/3/4/5/6 - Change Mode

current known issues:

  • performance issues!! if webgl is running real slow, you might need to download it (this only happens for some people,  specifically sometimes with chrome)
  • beaches and river mouths and such cant currently be properly set up, please use the big grid to properly line up your island!!
  • bridges and inclines can be placed literally anywhere
  • paths can be placed over water
  • sometimes when selecting a building/structure the cursor goes underground??
  • webgl killed my ambient occlusion so its kind of hard to see where cliffs start and end :(
  • theres definitely more
  • only god knows what will happen if you start messing with cliffs under an already placed building

not a complete list but right now my biggest priorities are:

  • any big performance problems or bugs that pop up now that i have let this out into the world
  • making some performance changes so i can let you guys zoom out alllll the way
  • trees, and rocks!!
  • select and move multiple tiles at once
  • additional incline/bridge/fence types!!
  • fixing up bridge/incline restrictions and any other in-game rules i might have missed (i trust your intuition to not make something impossible)
  • letting you edit beach shape to at least some extent
  • potentially letting you upload a picture and it generating a rough version of your island already prepared, this depends entirely on if i can get itchio to let me upload pictures and how well the in-game map reflects the island
  • definitely more but its 3am and i cant think

frequently asked questions!

  • are you planning on adding QR codes?

maybe further down the line!!

  • are you planning on adding furniture?

nope!! theres way too many! i do have plans of letting you make a placeholder cube with a set size/color/floating text above it to act as stand ins for furniture (and for future buildings if for whatever reason i can't keep working on this when new buildings get added)

  • can you port to mobile

maybe??? i dont know if i can legally put something like this on an official developer account

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Authorbubble wand games
Made withUnity
Tagsisland, planner


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Development log


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I really like it! Helps me imagining my island :) It would be nice if the buildings on the minimap were also visible for better orientation ^^

For those who have problems at the beginning: the squares of the minimap are also present in AC:NH (in the map app). Maybe it helps :)

It´s already a cool tool.

But i wish some things to be added:

-trees, palmtrees, bamboo

-all kinds of flowers

-pumpkin-plants (all four colors)

-the airport

-the sea-bridge

-a custom-design-tool inside the path-tool, that opens a file-chooser-window to load 32x32 pixel png graphics from pc for placing as path on the ground

-a file-chooser-window to choose a custom location on the pc to save or load map-files

Hm... It was all going great until the island planner told me I had reached the ramp limit (8)... When I only have 5 installed.

I downloaded the app on my PC (windows) but the app won't let me save. I can save my island design on the website but not on the downloaded app. Someone have technical info about this?

Very pleased with this! I enjoy spending these days building an island to my appeal, and am glad my files usually save :)

WOW! Really not happy. I worked on my plan for a couple hours, saved *MANY* times, took a break. It says it can't find my file to load it. At least it was only 2 bucks.

That's happened to my before, 3 times to be exact, and though it is frustrating, you can start anew, after all, there's always room for improvement..!


Its free, above the buy option it says. you didnt have to pay anything

do you plan to add a way to import and export NHSE map data? It would be cool to be able to create the island here and import it in the game with NHSE

this right here, i would love a way to do this without having to manually create everything I already have

(1 edit)

How do you upload an exported save?? either here on the browser version, or the downloaded version. When I click on "load" it says it can't find the foil in the location, but i don't even know how to get to the folder it is looking in :/

could you maybe add where the airport is? wanted to start but bcus im a noob i cant find out where the airport should be and so i can't really design things around it



I have no clue how to start building, there are no clear directions and when I click, for example the plaza, I just get a white box. I watched a YouTube video and it doesn't really explain how to start building. It just runs through what you can potentially do. I did donate to have this program because I wanted to help with that, however, I can't use this program at all. :o(

the plaza box just represents the size of the plaza; doesn't have much detail since it's only for layout purposes

I can help clear things up!

The plaza is supposed to be a large white box, so no problems there, other buildings are models, (gray) and you can put them almost anywhere, you can make rivers and such with waterscaping, (you can make them as wide as you want) bridges 3-5 is how long they are, (3 blocks, 4 blocks, 5 blocks) you can terraform and use water scaping to make a waterfall (by clicking the edge of a cliff w/ waterscaping), and you can use numbers to switch from tool to tool, (1 - waterscaping, 2 - terraforming, 3 - paths, 4 - buildings, 5 - inclines/bridges, 6 - fencing).

To erase rivers, simply go over them with the waterscaping tool. (I'm not quite sure if you can erase cliffs yet..) 

To delete buildings press 5 (buildings), press the pink trash can and select the building you wish to delete.

Same thing for bridges/inclines.

To erase paths, go over them with the grass path.

Not sure if you can delete fences.

Use (A, S, W, D) or (arrow keys) to move.

Since trees and rocks aren't in this program yet, I use certain paths to represent trees, bushes, flowers, bamboo, rocks, and furniture.

By pressing (M) you can hide your map, by pressing (G) you can add/remove a grid, by pressing (F) you can zoom in, by pressing (R) you can zoom out, by pressing (T) you can change the grass's color. (press (B) to get a model of Bob dancing)

Round out cliff edges by clicking them again with terraforming, round out river edges by clicking them again with waterscaping, and round out path edges by clicking them again with the same path.

That's all I could think of, I hope this helped clear things up!

I downloaded the newest update and it says it can’t run on my pc, which is windows 10. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong? I’ve extracted the files and I’m clicking on the actual app

i love ittttttttttttttt


I think a great feature in the future would be to add trees. Also, bridges and inclines in different directions would also be great! 

you can rotate inclines / bridges already using q and e :)


I recently discovered this and read through the comments and notes. I have some suggestions to add to future updates and would love to help. I noticed someone wanted to have furniture, why don't you have little place holders for all the sizes of the items, not just each item in game, and also make the beach customization, it is difficult to correctly map out your lay out. maybe be able to name save files and have more than one, so you can try out different layout islands. 

Hi! I recently downloaded this to plan my island. It seems amazing but unfortunately when I open it, the camera drifts uncontrollably to the right (when I'm not even touching w,a,s,d or anything) :( Is this a known bug? Is there a way to fix this?

I had the same problem as you but mine went to the upper left. I have already filled out a bug report for this, hopefully he will have time to fix it.


I love this and would love to see it develop into a masterpiece because I'm not the best at designing and stuff, this helped a little with that, keep working on this it's amazing! <3


Any news on a new release update? If the developer can no longer maintain then it would be awesome if the code was published as open source.

(2 edits) (+2)

You also can save multiple island-designs on your pc or have an extta savety-location for your save:

After saving you will find the path:


Grab a copy of "islandmanager.island" inside there and paste it into a location of your choice.

For multiple saves just have multiple folders there to put one save in each.

To load one of theese into the app, be sure, you made the previous steps with your previuos work, than copy the save of your choice and paste it into the path, written above, overwriting the file there.


This is great for planning out my island but I think being able to view where you put bridges and buildings on the mini map would make placement easier and perhaps adding trees also if its not too much


I have a suggestion! Maybe before we start building on our island options come up on which island layout we have. then it will place the sand the beach the rivers and the residential services where they're supposed to be! I know your really busy. if you read this thank you!


There are way to many islands for them to make it... What I did is pair up "Happy Island designer" with this website so that I can do the 3D design on here and draw it out on Happy Island designer. Happy Island designer allows you to take a pic of your island and then draw it out.


Is the 0.3 the most recent version?




pleaseee can we get an ios version soon? 


i downloaded on my mac, but i opening it nothing pops up. the app has no response . is it the app cant support new mac update or what? plz help!

Is it possible to raise a cliff to the highest level? I'm thinking of stacking village houses like theater seats in front of the sea.


Yes it is possible! but in the actual animal crossing game you aren't aloud to put stuff on top of the highest level, or even be on there!

Can anyone tell me how to delete fences and cliffs?

Right mouse to remove objects or lower cliffs!

I can't delete cliffs once I place it on the ground, I'm pretty sure it's a bug, otherwise everything else  works fine~

I've downlaoded it for windows but am confused how to run the file?

Click the IslandPlanner file, extract all, and then you should be able to run it (it should have an icon now)

You did an amazing job! Thank you so much for all of your work on this app, it's really helped me plan out some small section of my island like my entrance and museum area. I seem to be having trouble exiting out of it after using it and basically have to force it to quit via task manager on macbook, but that could be because I'm dumb and haven't figured out how to close it the normal way yet. Anywho, thanks again!

im really struggling on how to download this on my pc? can anyone help

same here

ask how the hell did I save to see why I made my island save, I opened it to see and only numbers and more came out of it

(1 edit)

(Im on phone) How do I zoom out? I cannot zoom out for some reason whatsoever, but the graphics are great. Good Game anywho.

It would be great if the grid on the mini map matched the 6x7 map grid in game.


i think that a nice touch would be to ad flowers because i am leaving 1 spot for flowers around my fence thank you it would be appricated

1337 / 0


I cant figure out how to make the app island look like mine? In pictures I see people have their river outlets and rocks showing but I have a giant blank square with no rocks or outlet

(1 edit)

This is amazingly helpful. My only suggestion would be a stronger zoom out tool!

i think being able to see the grid below cliffs would be super helpful. Just a thought tho :)  also the addition of trees, flowers,  and bushes would be  a lot of fun 

How do you quit the app? I had to force quit

me too


pls I wanna zoom out a wee bit more

(2 edits) (+3)(-1)

Just wondering if theirs another update?? Also there is no airport to place?? and when you place buildings, they dont show up on the mini map?? I have windows 10, thanks

Another idea would be if you could maybe load one of the default islands and then do whats needed to change it, other than trying to recreate the island you have which isnt easy, where the water is from sea to ground, on the beach for instance is a place you cant change on the game, if not the islands then placement water in/out beds so we can place them where they are on our island map that were using in the game (I dont no what there called sorry). And let us place an airport as well maybe. This will give us a guide at least to have the island how we want it, just an idea 


This is a pretty early build of a free tool, that hasn't had a new dev log released since May 10th, made during the spare time of someone who has a job and has been dealing with a wrist injury since early July.

I'm sure all that is planned, assuming the project hasn't been abandoned since they're a person with a life.


Wow, you have a stick up your arse dont you, I only asked and gave some ideas, I wasnt being mean or telling the person who made this, what to do and what not to do, dont see why there was a reason for you to be so rude about it, do you think everyone is psychic do you?? like I know when someone in the world iv never met gets and injury?? Life happens and I do understand this, other people have commented asking questions and given ideas, they havent got stick from you, so why am I so special to receive stick from you over the same thing?? If its been abandoned then fair enough but there was no need for your reply

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