THIS IS A SUPER EARLY BUILD!!! be warned.......... (imagine im saying this in a ghost voice) saving should be working but if you're using webgl i would test it out by making a few changes, saving, refreshing the page, and trying to load the save, cause if for some reason the saving doesnt work with your computer/browser i dont want you to do a ton of work only for it to not save properly!! windows and mac downloads are at the bottom of the page (you dont need to buy them you can just skip right to the download!!)

if youd like to support us and our continued efforts to make this even better, you can through the above link!! thank you so much to everyone for all the patience and the support so far!!!

since this is so fresh it might be broken/run badly for you, but i will do whatever i can to make sure as many people can run it so dont worry if its not working for you right now, i will do my best to fix it!!

we have a form you can fill out here for any problems/feedback you might have!! or you can just comment down below. would love to know of any performance issues, bugs, being able to do something you shouldn't be able to do, problems with saving/loading, and anything you think might just help make the planner better. you can also can find me on twitter here!! thanks again!!


  • WASD/Arrow Keys - Move
  • Left Mouse - Place object
  • Right Mouse/Delete - Lower cliff/Remove object
  • Middle Mouse/I - Eyedropper tool
  • Scroll Wheel/Minus/Plus - Zoom
  • R/F - Camera Angle (you can press them more than once!!)
  • Q/E - Rotate Incline/Bridge
  • G - Toggle Grid
  • T - Toggle Greybox Mode
  • H - Hide Controls/UI (you can press it more than once!!)
  • M - Toggle minimap
  • 1/2/3/4/5/6 - Change Mode

current known issues:

  • performance issues!! if webgl is running real slow, you might need to download it (this only happens for some people,  specifically sometimes with chrome)
  • beaches and river mouths and such cant currently be properly set up, please use the big grid to properly line up your island!!
  • bridges and inclines can be placed literally anywhere
  • paths can be placed over water
  • sometimes when selecting a building/structure the cursor goes underground??
  • webgl killed my ambient occlusion so its kind of hard to see where cliffs start and end :(
  • theres definitely more
  • only god knows what will happen if you start messing with cliffs under an already placed building

not a complete list but right now my biggest priorities are:

  • any big performance problems or bugs that pop up now that i have let this out into the world
  • making some performance changes so i can let you guys zoom out alllll the way
  • trees, and rocks!!
  • select and move multiple tiles at once
  • additional incline/bridge/fence types!!
  • fixing up bridge/incline restrictions and any other in-game rules i might have missed (i trust your intuition to not make something impossible)
  • letting you edit beach shape to at least some extent
  • potentially letting you upload a picture and it generating a rough version of your island already prepared, this depends entirely on if i can get itchio to let me upload pictures and how well the in-game map reflects the island
  • definitely more but its 3am and i cant think

frequently asked questions!

  • are you planning on adding QR codes?

maybe further down the line!!

  • are you planning on adding furniture?

nope!! theres way too many! i do have plans of letting you make a placeholder cube with a set size/color/floating text above it to act as stand ins for furniture (and for future buildings if for whatever reason i can't keep working on this when new buildings get added)

  • can you port to mobile

maybe??? i dont know if i can legally put something like this on an official developer account

Updated 22 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Authorbubble wand games
Made withUnity
Tagsisland, planner


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Is it possible you could make a 32 bit version of this? I can't download and use this. It's amazing though thanks for your work

I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure the unity engine only runs on 64 bit computers when compiled to OS binary.


hey, thanks for being patient everyone!! been a bit overwhelmed as of late but should have an update out soon, in the meantime will try to answer unanswered questions when I can


Love where you are headed with the app, BUT it needs to be able to zoom out to see the full island at once in the working pane. Otherwise it's hard to visualize your work from an island perspective.  This is just about a deal breaker for me.

Hey, I exported an island I created  because I wanted to open it up on another computer but I have been trying to do that but I dont know how to open the file. could you help?

(3 edits)

When you save, it shoes the filename on the screen. Take note on the screen of the location, and then search the location? I just took a screenshot of mine when I saved it.

Make sure you make of copy of this file and not take the file, or you'll lose it on the computer you're taking if from.

i am on linux and haven't had to turn a file executable in 100 years, so i had to dig deep in my memory/terminal history for a minute to make this run. if anyone else has this problem, open terminal in the folder with the executable, and put "chmod +x IslandPlannerLinux.x86_64" and then it will run if you doubleclick it.

i was (genuinely) thrilled to be forced to use my brain for a minute to make this work lol

anyway tho, this is exactly what i need and i'm like "finally i don't have to be afraid of ruining everything when i play with a design" and also the way you described everything on this page is delightful. 10/10 :)

Do you think you'll add placeholders for things like the airport, secret beach, and river entrances? Since those are things we can't move those are what I usually base my island design off to start with so it would be nice to have even just an icon or something to keep track of where it is. :)

But this is already great !


Do you think on adding trees ?


This is extremely helpful! I wish we could zoom out more.

I think this is totally awesome.  The more I use it, the more I like it!  One piece I notice in the overhead view is my difficulty distinguishing the ground, second and third levels apart due to the same "grass" texture.  I was wondering if it makes sense to make the second level a darker green and the third level the darkest, similar to the Nook Phone Map in-game colors  to make out the different elevations.  I know it sort of takes away from the "real feel" of the island, but I think it would be helpful.  Thanks so much for making it happen and glad to contribute! 

You can press "t" and it will change colors.

I have been using this for the past week to redesign my island and I love it. One comment is that the map is a little more over sized that my island. So when I went to start a project I was off my 3 blocks. I really like this program so, if you could find a way to make it so you can edit the perimeter of your island that would be fantastic.

this is more of a temporary solution until the dev adds it, but i've been using sand paths to mark the actual edges where my beach meets the grass, measuring out from the larger grid to find where that is

I'm on a mac and can't delete items. For example i made a cliff but I can't delete it when placed. The "delete" key isn't working. I've also tried clicking and pressing delete at the same time. I'm on a macbook pro and not using a mouse to right click. Is there any other way to delete?

I'm on a Mac - right-clicking in general is done with a two-finger click after enabling Secondary Click in System Preferences > Trackpad. CMD-DELETE is usually how you delete something on a Mac, so you could try to see whether that works as Backspace.

that worked thanks!

FN+Delete is the key combo you're looking for!

Thank you so much for putting this out on the web much appreciated. The only other issue I see besides things you are going to start working on is that on the mini map it should show the buildings that way it can be more easily aligned with the island. The airport being added would also be a plus. This is so awesome though and I can not express in words how much help this is going to be for everyone. ^_^ Thank you.

(1 edit) (+1)

This is super awesome! Thank you so much for putting in the time to make this planner. I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this, or maybe it's already planned to be added- or maybe it's already implemented and I'm just stupid lmao. but I would love to be able to place the airport in the spot that it's in on my map so I can plan around it. If that's already something I can do on here, forgive me, I'm still figuring it out. Thank you again for all your hard work!

I love this program!! it really lets me experiment easily so i decided to donate. One thing id LOVE to have as a feature is to change the camera angle so i can get a birds eye view or a ground view for when im putting in cliffs etc, also being able to zoom out more would be great. Thanks for making this app!!

also the ability to select multiple to drag would be AMAZING.. and again being able to zoom out all the way would be a life save

I rate this a "B" for Bob, who is best cat! And everyone should "B" too! *wink wink*
But really, this tool is amazing, thank you so much! Eagerly awaiting any future updates.


On the map, could you add it so we can see what's there? (inclines, houses, buildings, etc.)

Could we have the ability to load different save files easily one day? :)

This is amazing! My only issue so far is that I can't actually fit my entire island within the grid. I went along and made an actual block checkerboard type grid on my island to make sure I got dimensions right and it's about 2 blocks short vertically for me to fit everything. For now I'm just cutting off the last two blocks from the bottom. It works beautifully otherwise. I'm glad I contributed. :) 


if the mini map can show where the buildings are, just like in game that you can see building in mini map that will be so nice!

I really wanted to say thank you for this amazing island planner! I cannot wait to see more of what will be added and I'll keep on donating from time to time because this is just really awesome and well made!

This is a fantastic app, I have an issue currently where when I play it in browser, left clicking my mouse tries to place a thing and also move the camera up. Right clicking moes it down and removes.

But on the app itself the thing jsut continuously pans up and to the left without my input. So far I can't figure out why this is doing it.


Waiting for trees ! 


Once this has trees/bushes, I will be 100% over-the-moon happy with this.

This is a life and sanity savior!

Can't wait for the zooming out feature and also select and move multiple tiles at once, that would be an after life savior.


Is this able to be downloaded on a ChromeOS through Linux Terminal? I haven't tried yet, and honestly I just don't feel like seeing if it does, I might check a little later. Also for those of you wondering I have a PC + a Chromebook and I use the Chromebook on the fly as a YouTube watching, emailing, music making, and web surfing device while I'm away from home.

awesome app, however, i'm having troubles finding the save on my windows. :( i then downloaded the app but unable to load the save. help. :(


I'd really like to see the low angle the game has, which lets you see the horizon. Actually, now that i type that i can see how that might make it a little more complicated, because you'd have to create a sky, but still!


I think just a single generic flower would be good for a placeholder, and possibly a super simple tree and bush would be the way to go (ie, tree is just a cylindrical trunk with three green orbs, bushes are just a green orb, and hedges are rounded rectangualr prism). Using 3-d assets is helpful so that we could see what it would block from view. This is super useful though, keep up the good work!


could you make it so we can add notes like which villager lives here and names of places ex: park, memory garden


hi! if there was a way we could upload our already made maps from happy island designer onto here, and then it would translate onto this website in 3d that would be amazing!!


Excited to see a tree, bush, and flower generic visual placeholder. Planning for that kind of space and placement is hard to do when relying on remembering to include an extra space for a row of bushes, extra space or two for the tree placement, etc.

No less than amazing.

Does anyone know if this works on Android tablets?


This is really such a great tool! I would love if it came with island presets, though. There are only a select amount of possible island layouts, and they've all been collected into a single image before. I like to build off what the game gave me, instead of a total blank state. :)

Also, I noticed a size error: the tailor shop is currently 5x2 in this planner, when it should actually be 5x3!


Fantastic tool! I reproduced my entire island on it. I'm using it on mac, and I wish I could save several files, today the tool allow me to save just one. (I can rename the file on terminal to have several save files, but it's not practical). Other wishes are: zoom out, trees and flowers. The fornitures are not needed, 'cause the use of the tool is to plan the terraforming before breaking down the entire island! The idea of a placeholder sizeable is fantastic! Congratulations! 


Hey! Amazing tool. My only big issue is not being able to zoom out further. Keep it up man! :D 


I love this! I have a few ideas though... first, i would like to be able to zoom out much farther. Second of all, you should add a misc. button that allows you to place things like flowers. And finally, i would like to be able to experiment with different fences. No rush though!


Wish i could export to a picture with a grid to copy! hahaha 

Amazing - love it - thank you

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