THIS IS A SUPER EARLY BUILD!!! be warned.......... (imagine im saying this in a ghost voice) saving should be working but if you're using webgl i would test it out by making a few changes, saving, refreshing the page, and trying to load the save, cause if for some reason the saving doesnt work with your computer/browser i dont want you to do a ton of work only for it to not save properly!! windows and mac downloads are at the bottom of the page (you dont need to buy them you can just skip right to the download!!)

if youd like to support us and our continued efforts to make this even better, you can through the above link!! thank you so much to everyone for all the patience and the support so far!!!

since this is so fresh it might be broken/run badly for you, but i will do whatever i can to make sure as many people can run it so dont worry if its not working for you right now, i will do my best to fix it!!

we have a form you can fill out here for any problems/feedback you might have!! or you can just comment down below. would love to know of any performance issues, bugs, being able to do something you shouldn't be able to do, problems with saving/loading, and anything you think might just help make the planner better. you can also can find me on twitter here!! thanks again!!


  • WASD/Arrow Keys - Move
  • Left Mouse - Place object
  • Right Mouse/Delete - Lower cliff/Remove object
  • Middle Mouse/I - Eyedropper tool
  • Scroll Wheel/Minus/Plus - Zoom
  • R/F - Camera Angle (you can press them more than once!!)
  • Q/E - Rotate Incline/Bridge
  • G - Toggle Grid
  • T - Toggle Greybox Mode
  • H - Hide Controls/UI (you can press it more than once!!)
  • M - Toggle minimap
  • 1/2/3/4/5/6 - Change Mode

current known issues:

  • performance issues!! if webgl is running real slow, you might need to download it (this only happens for some people,  specifically sometimes with chrome)
  • beaches and river mouths and such cant currently be properly set up, please use the big grid to properly line up your island!!
  • bridges and inclines can be placed literally anywhere
  • paths can be placed over water
  • sometimes when selecting a building/structure the cursor goes underground??
  • webgl killed my ambient occlusion so its kind of hard to see where cliffs start and end :(
  • theres definitely more
  • only god knows what will happen if you start messing with cliffs under an already placed building

not a complete list but right now my biggest priorities are:

  • any big performance problems or bugs that pop up now that i have let this out into the world
  • making some performance changes so i can let you guys zoom out alllll the way
  • trees, and rocks!!
  • select and move multiple tiles at once
  • additional incline/bridge/fence types!!
  • fixing up bridge/incline restrictions and any other in-game rules i might have missed (i trust your intuition to not make something impossible)
  • letting you edit beach shape to at least some extent
  • potentially letting you upload a picture and it generating a rough version of your island already prepared, this depends entirely on if i can get itchio to let me upload pictures and how well the in-game map reflects the island
  • definitely more but its 3am and i cant think

frequently asked questions!

  • are you planning on adding QR codes?

maybe further down the line!!

  • are you planning on adding furniture?

nope!! theres way too many! i do have plans of letting you make a placeholder cube with a set size/color/floating text above it to act as stand ins for furniture (and for future buildings if for whatever reason i can't keep working on this when new buildings get added)

  • can you port to mobile

maybe??? i dont know if i can legally put something like this on an official developer account

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Authorbubble wand games
Made withUnity
Tagsisland, planner


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Just wondering if theirs another update?? Also there is no airport to place?? and when you place buildings, they dont show up on the mini map?? I have windows 10, thanks

Another idea would be if you could maybe load one of the default islands and then do whats needed to change it, other than trying to recreate the island you have which isnt easy, where the water is from sea to ground, on the beach for instance is a place you cant change on the game, if not the islands then placement water in/out beds so we can place them where they are on our island map that were using in the game (I dont no what there called sorry). And let us place an airport as well maybe. This will give us a guide at least to have the island how we want it, just an idea 

This is a pretty early build of a free tool, that hasn't had a new dev log released since May 10th, made during the spare time of someone who has a job and has been dealing with a wrist injury since early July.

I'm sure all that is planned, assuming the project hasn't been abandoned since they're a person with a life.

I love this! Its so great and helpful! A few suggestions if thats okay. Im sure theres plenty you're working on, but things I'd most like to see is the ability to zoom out a lot more to get a better overview. And also the ability to define the boundry between the grass and the sand. Thanks so much for all the hard work

I tried to make a 1:1 of my island, but things were off. Example

In game: the Tailor shop is up 8 and 1 to the right of the Nook shop, 3 down from a cliff,  and 4 left of the Plaza

In program: the Tailor shop is up 7 and 1 to the right of the Nook shop, 5 down from a cliff,  and 5 left of the Plaza

I can still make what I need, but it messes with me.

THIS IS ICONIC! i was hoping something like this was out there. thank god because doing it on paper doesnt work

UNDO button?


anyone notice that if you press B a dancing bob appears?

I made an account to like this comment

I wish there was a piece of software to convert 2D to 3D

If i download this is there a way to transfer my already made island to the game.


Ok thanks

I just can't run the progress:(

Is there anything wrong with my flash?

(3 edits)

If you're using Chrome, look at your URL bar and click on "Site Settings", then look for "Flash" and allow it. Refresh then you're good.


for anyone thinking on supporting this project,  just notice the log, its not active for 2 months or more

a thank you contribution is another thing , but this feels like an abandonware 


it's been rough for the developer too as seen in this thread

This tweet also shows a really good reason as to why they haven't been as active.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't expect someone to be working on a side project when they've got all of this going on.


how do I delete this program from my computer.  

Suggest having a pan option where holding down spacebar toggles the ability to pan while mouse-clicking similar to Photoshop and Illustrator. 

Omg this is amazing. I just had an idea for my island but I don't know if it's possible and on what side of the cliff I should build it to look the best. This app is perfect. Minimum effort, maximum result. Love it! Thanks for making this.


Good job and great idea.

hope you can increase the zoom range, and add more to viewing angles

+1 for zoom range!


Are you considering making the island more island shaped? Or even adding multiple starting island choices w/ rivers so that it's easier to alter? I understand that these would be rather difficult to do, but it would make it so much easier!

Will the next update come soon?

I made instructions on how to do this on Windows; anyone have any ideas on how to set this up on Mac?

is it possible to have more than one save file?

short answer; yes, but it's convoluted

long answer; since the current version of the program looks for a very specific file(name) in a very specific folder, what you need to do is basically either rename the file, or create other folders to store them in. this is more or less my setup; 

ok thanks 

I created a second user account on my computer and re-downloaded the app there. That worked for me to get two separate saves. Though Artoni's way is likely better mine is just another option.

i'm not sure if your already working on this but i would be nice if you could see the buildings on the mini map! again i don't know if your already working on it, but thank you if you are! but i love it and it has helped me so much thank you!

the minus and plus dont seem to work for zooming out- just letting you know


Is it possible to print from this?  I want to print out my island so I can then recreate it in game.

hi, i have downloaded this for Linux/chrome but i don't know how to open it, when i try it brings me to a window that says " select an app to open this file" then there's nothing there. i don't know if there's an app for this or i'm just doing it wrong, would like some help if possible.  

you mmost likely need to download unity player. i am just using the browser version because i will not need it as often.

donated~ thanks for the awesome work!

hi. I’m brand new to using this, literally just installed so I’m sorry if I missed this somewhere - should I be able to see buildings on the mini map? I’ve placed a few and can’t see them. 

Also, will it be possible to place things like the airport, secret beach, and rocks on the beach? I’d also love to be able to zoom out further or be able to edit in a more basic mini map mode, since really I’m trying to get a ‘big picture” idea of my islands layout while planning. 

Thanks for the great work :)

it would be lovely to be able to add 12 homes. i have 12 people living on my world but only allowed to place 10 on this designer. It would be nice to add the airport too plus some tree's, flowers, shrubs and maybe an object we could perceive to be furniture/items - that would help me plan what space I have left on my world; I can begin to see a much clearer finish.


Or will it not be possible to build a house or anything else just like the real game? And I'm sorry if I had an error in English I just use Google translation


Hey, I left a donation and all, but I can't download it. Everytime I click on the download for windows button the page just gets blocked, I have tried turning of any adblockers and stuff I have, but I still can't download it.


I just lost my entire project because I didn't know how to save! I thought pressing "add to collection" would save it but I don't know where it had gone. Someone please help.


I want to use two different PC(one at work and one at home) to plan the island, may I ask how can I load back my island after I export the file?  I am planning to upload the .island to google drive and go back home and load back the progress I have.  Thank you!


Is there a possibility to load your old savefiles, bcs I lost my entire design I made so far and by reloading my island I only receive the default island without something edited :(

I don't think there is; I end up backing up each island, though, just in case!

If you are on Mac you can copy the old saves folder from com.Company.ProductName - saves and paste it into com.BubbleWand.IslandPlannerMac. You might be able to do the same on windows.


you should (just a sugestion) but you should add trees and flowers and also maybee bushes these dont have to texuted like the buildings but maybe in the next update???


Suggesting things that would inevitably be added if the project were to continue isn't much of a suggestion. I don't see why you felt the need to point those out.

If you have read anything on this page, you'd know that they plan on adding them and that this is an EARLY BUILD. Be patient.

(1 edit) (+1)

I know I'm Sorry I now see how much of these messages you are getting I'm sorry i love this project and all it has to offer is much more than any other planer because I mean its in 3D! 

I'm also not involved in the making of this program. I'm looking forward to it too :)


When is the next update? :(


how do you upload a screenshot of your island map to work from?


I'm using this a TON, and loving the heck out of it! Some suggestions-

--Fill mode for paths/cliffs/rivers; once you make an outline, you're able to just fill the middle.

--With the downloadable version, save as [filename] and open [filename].


Is it possible you could make a 32 bit version of this? I can't download and use this. It's amazing though thanks for your work

I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure the unity engine only runs on 64 bit computers when compiled to OS binary.


hey, thanks for being patient everyone!! been a bit overwhelmed as of late but should have an update out soon, in the meantime will try to answer unanswered questions when I can


Love where you are headed with the app, BUT it needs to be able to zoom out to see the full island at once in the working pane. Otherwise it's hard to visualize your work from an island perspective.  This is just about a deal breaker for me.

Hey, I exported an island I created  because I wanted to open it up on another computer but I have been trying to do that but I dont know how to open the file. could you help?

(3 edits)

When you save, it shoes the filename on the screen. Take note on the screen of the location, and then search the location? I just took a screenshot of mine when I saved it.

Make sure you make of copy of this file and not take the file, or you'll lose it on the computer you're taking if from.

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