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This was nice, thanks for making and sharing!

5 stars press b

I have a chromebook os, I've been trying to download it with linux for a week now, and it doesn't work.. if someone can help me, i would really appreciate it :( 

I am wondering if I can edit a planner I made after I had saved it?

Rating: 4.5 stars

I really like the way you did it, but the resources are limited.

You can improve by adding a few colours first.

Wishes, TheCellSpecial


Hey i was wondering if anyone had a save i can use for my island?


Maybe i'm not quite understanding what this tool is.
The issue I have with ACNH is that the animations of terraforming are so slow, it is painful to create cliffs and rivers on an island because of them. 

Does this tool allow me to create an island, and upload and APPLY the changes to my animal crossing island on my switch? Or, is this essentially a tool where you can design an island, then have to manually copy it tile-by-tile on to your island on your switch by following along as I play my switch?

Thanks for any clarification

this tool is purely for designing or planning an island that you intend to build separately on your Switch. 

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Only things i'd like to see are Other tree types(pine, coconut, and bamboo). and sand/beach area where red's boat goes


hi! I think it would be nice if the buildings (houses, plaza, etc.) could show up on the mini-map. And, maybe instead of adding every type of furniture, you could add the very, very basics. Like, a cube that's one/two blocks wide to represent many different furniture items or a chair that's one/two blocks wide. 

Hi!! i don't know if i'm missing something that I can do but it seems that the mac key controls are a little different, like for trackpad there's no command if I don't have left/right enabled on the trackpad, alt/enter on mac would be like command F but it took a minute to figure out lol, but yeah I think the biggest problem i'm having is just deleting cliffs because I'd have to use two fingers on my trackpad

it would be cool if you started adding some sets and some famous villagers, examples for sets are: simple items, wooden block items, log items, dreamy items etc. examples for famous villagers: marshal raymond ankha sherb etc

my save doesn't want to work anymore. I noticed however that its size was 401 Ko, while the saves that work are 400 Ko.

please, if you can help me...

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Hellp I just downloaded the imac one and I cant figure out how to get out on the screen it says  alt enter to toggle fullscreen but when I press that nothing happened

I found the windowed thing to click so I can now control it

I'm having the same issue, but can't find the window thing to click that you mentioned? Help!

When you first open the app an opinion menu open up and you'll Find the list of screen resolution (The number x number list) right under that box is a little checkmark box with the word windowed next to it you click it(picture with windowed circled

Thank you!

no problem

Would be great if im able to get it.
tbh I tried MANYMANYMANY time (total 11 different times) some say "file moved or missing" or it's uploaded as a compressed folder that is empty. (unsure if it's unintentional programing or not.) if and when it DOES work. I go to click on the folder "Access Denied". when i go to properties, and enter the security tab. "requested information is either unavailable or cant be displayed". so far im getting frustrated as heck about this problem.

any help or explanation is welcomed.

Same thing happened to me

Thank you so much for making this! After getting used to the controls the tool is a lot of fun and it helped me brainstorm a couple of ideas I had for my island :D


I have a request and don’t know how hard it will be to do. But I have this app that I can take a minecraft world and export it as an STL or OBJ file that are used for 3d printing. If it’s possible to do the same thing with this app I would REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!! But I love this app and what it is able to do 


I would really like that as well, so it could be possible to reuse in a 3D software.

hey creator! I’ve seen alot of growth with your app. I hope everything is well, I don’t want to pry but I think making a way to extract the build we do into an obj or stl would be super cool for 3d modelers and printers. I would love that and I’ve heard other share the same thought. If you can that would be super cool!!

is there a way to change the size of the terrain brush? i have accessibility issues and only being able to place one at a time (even with click + drag) makes this really difficult (near impossible) to use. wish there was a way to raise/lower terrain in larger groups at once. (or maybe incorperate it with the ruler tool?)

Is this open source / do you have the source published somewhere?

I'm not a Unity guy, but I can help in the performance front.

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I've downloaded the windows version but it doesn't seem to have any of the updated features. Is that only for the mac version at the moment?

Also, where would I get a .island file? From NHSE?

updated features should be in the windows version, if you check the left and theres a ruler and tree icon then its updated. there is an old windows build still up to download though so make sure youre not opening that one

.island files are made by the planner itself when saving!!

this is such a helpful app and TY for the update! 

that being said, a  lovely add-on would be if the grass on tier 2 and tier 3 were different shades so they would be easier to distinguish between when terraforming from the bird's eye view (perpendicular to the ground). Not sure if this has already been made a comment or anything and again thank you so much for this amazingly helpful tool.

On the side it says toggle cliff color mode. That should help.


YOOoo welcome back dev !! thanks for the update and have a good one :>

Hi hi, does anybody know where to find save files on mac? 

Came here to ask this^

I can only seem to raise the cliffs to tier 2 but not tier 3 is this a bug? 

Considering the update that's dropping November 5th, this is gonna help a lot to finalize my island. I've done very little terraforming to it because I straight up didn't know what I wanted to do. With Kappn coming back plus this, I can finally get my island finished almost a year later. 

TL;DR: This is awesome!!

Lovely, its super intuitive for an early build

okay I saved my file on the desktop version of this planner because I didn't think I would need to download it, but I can't for the life of me figure out where it went. Is /idbfs/islandplanner/saves/islandmanager.island even a thing?? I'm on windows and i've never seen idbfs in file explorer. I spent a lot of time creating my island using this planner so please any help on where the heck my saved file went would be appreciated

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Hey! Try this address
 C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\LocalLow

If that doesnt work, do the shortcut Win+R, then type %appdata%, then go up to the address bar and click 'AppData', click LocalLow, then 'bobacupcake' its most likey the first folder there :)
hope this helps :D

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Thank you for the apps and it is really helpful! There's only one thing that need to be change, in this planner, I'm able to put fence and bridge in same box, but on my island, the fence and bridge is unable to put in the same box. I was forced to change my plan when the bridge was built. The size of bridge is 4x4. Hope that this setting can be changed and it will be more convenient on island planning.


Thank you for creating this app! I just started terraforming my island and this will be super useful.  There are too many posts to see if my question has been addressed. Does the zoom feature enable seeing the complete island at once? I can zoom large, which is great for working specific areas but I can't seem to zoom smaller to get the overall picture of my planning. Do you plan on future updates? I would gladly pay if affordable.  Your work and commitment of time is appreciated!  ~Gran~

It's a known issue that is listed above

Will you ever add a feature where you can upload a image of your island to make it a bit easier to map out how you want things to look?


hi! just wondering if there were any planned updates soon? I need some treeees hehe

If you want to submit this app on Google play store, list it as unofficial. Let me know if that works.

Do you have an apk for this app?

I have an ancient (its almost 12 years old) hp laptop with i think vista that runs this no problem but my new surface pro x cant? Ive extracted the files microsoft pops up 'find a different app, this isnt supported'. Im not finding anything online, just wondering if anyone has any suggestions?

I really like it! Helps me imagining my island :) It would be nice if the buildings on the minimap were also visible for better orientation ^^

For those who have problems at the beginning: the squares of the minimap are also present in AC:NH (in the map app). Maybe it helps :)

It´s already a cool tool.

But i wish some things to be added:

-trees, palmtrees, bamboo

-all kinds of flowers

-pumpkin-plants (all four colors)

-the airport

-the sea-bridge

-a custom-design-tool inside the path-tool, that opens a file-chooser-window to load 32x32 pixel png graphics from pc for placing as path on the ground

-a file-chooser-window to choose a custom location on the pc to save or load map-files

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