Game for Ludum Dare 43 - Sacrifices Must Be Made

Get all the DOGs in each level to the door - but watch out!

Arrow keys/ WASD - Move
Space/W - Jump
Q/E - Throw Dog

Hints for each stage (drag over the text to reveal):

Level 1:

Make sure you have enough platforms to get to the door and back!

Level 2:

You can jump off of platforms while they're falling.

Level 3:

You can jump off of platforms while they're falling (the sequel)

Level 4:


Level 5:

Dogs can help you reach things you may not be able to reach yourself...

Level 6:

Dogs can be thrown to safety, even while you yourself might not be safe.

Level 7:

Sacrifices must be made...

[Change log: fixed bugs causing the final level to not end properly and the credits being stopped if any button is pressed during them]


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dogdogbeat.wav slaps and was fun and challenging! genuinely charmed by the style and gameplay, 10/10 stars, 2/2 doges


me like 


To think that a platformer about dogballs could be so charming and emotional…


What an all-round marvel. Simple, yet effective and even stunning graphics paired with a musical track that’s fitting, funny and thrilling, and grouped up with platformer puzzles that really tie everything together. I’m astonished.

What can I say? I’m flabbergasted. I usually write longer reviews with feedback, but I’m utterly speechless this time around. On your place, I have no idea of what I would change or add to improve the experience, since it’s already all so neatly packed together. If anything, as someone mentioned before, an R button or something to quickly restart. But really, for short levels, that’s just me being picky.

Incredible work. I’ll forward it to the Whales and Games to share on the delight that Dog Dog Dungeon is. I clap like a madman for you, looking to see more of this kind of entries in the coming jams whale