merry christmas!!! go absolutely wild

controls :

  • left click to move
  • scroll wheel to zoom in/out
  • right click to rotate
  • middle mouse button to reset camera

known issues that i will add at some point but it is 5am christmas eve and i have to get on a plane to the other side of the globe in two days and i must rest:

  • popup blockers may block saving/sharing to twitter functionality (i dont think i can fix this one)
  • no keyboard controls (will try and add this tomorrow)
  • the volume control button has disappeared for some reason
  • moving around while the screen is rotated does not work properly
  • if you go back to home while the music is playing it will start playing again sometimes even though i explicitly told it not to
Authorbubble wand games
Made withUnity


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This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Thank you.

fantastic game rob thank you for reminding me that the bk foot lettuce meme exists

Noboody knowsssss the worldd~~

lol idk

why is komaeda here


i love you