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Great game, very polished, you give a lot of attention to details

This was EPIC!

Fun fact: there's more than 2 solutions to the trolley problem

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Took me 9 tries


(not first try, beat it in 19, removed the 9)

if u run the game on the website not everything will show

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i've tried this and i have gotten to it's final form, in which i'm supposed to beg for mercy... also hello there.


This birb is so cool it crashes my game so i won't defeat its coolness

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Also f4 kinda breaks the game's window. But at least i've beaten the web-birb. Really cool fangame, one of the best even.

(sadly i won't know my number of attempts)


yooooo first try(attempt no. 32)!!!!!!1!!1!!

Cool FanMade I Like It, Stay Cool B

np good job on the fangame, the most fun I've had in an undertale fangame in a while

thats a really cool bird

cool fangame but uh... i dont think the credits are supposed to roll yet.

you'd be correct!! oops!!!! fixed, ty

I,, don't think its supposed to be really big.

the prompt and the enter button's missing on screen?

woah how did this happen? just when you opened it?

Yeah just when the game loaded in the browser?

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Oh, but it's normal if I download it

edit: ,,,well the name screen is fine but the fight isnt.

woah ok i'll look into this because this definitely isn't supposed to happen!! thanks for letting me know. could i ask what your computer's Display Resolution is?


obligatory "1 attempt"




This game is now my favourite.

Thank you for the experience.

Also full screen is broken


this actually kicks ass


dang the bird is indeed cool


he turned into mario

2 attempts good game


Really cool game.

However, I recommend adding being able to skip text with x/shift. Its a feature in Undertale and in most fangames, and it's weird it's not in this.

Also I'd like to report a bug. If you die and press z before the soul breaks on the death screen, an extra soul will appear on the screen during the fight. It's weird.

Thanks for creating this game and I hope this feedback helps.

now THIS is a really cool bird.

cool concepts, cool mechanics, cool game

only the coolest bird can make a game as cool as this one 

Didn't feel so cool after really cool bird got really cool, cool game though

Atempts:3 damage taken:66 

I would say that´s pretty cool

Really cool fangame

truly the coolest bird

That fight was really cool

the coolest bird I ever battled

One of the best Undertale versus fangames. What a cool bird...

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I played this a day ago and i loved it so much best undertale game with the coolest bird . Also Can anyone do this without getting hit once please my best run was zero deaths and took 50 damage try to beat that lol

2 atempts, 31 damage B]

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I loved that, is more hard than i expected and the mecanics are beautiful 10/10

3rd try I made it to winged phase, how much more game is there after that

you're almost at the end!!

thanks bro

Just got to the attack right after he breaks the box, and his soul healed me.


Holy shit is that biblically acurate bird.


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cool (this is now a chain, please reply to this with cool)






That was amazing. I did not expect the second phase to change that drastically. 11/10

I appreciate the sacrifice option in the trolley problem :D

so cool 10 birds/10

Really well made 👍