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The song "wish" is my favorite, especially the visuals used to portray the song here, it's just a dark void with a purple mist covering the floor then, suddenly boom shooting stars! The song sounds like whatever the wish is, is against what the person wants, and rather for the greater good... so, what I'm trying to say is it has a "I don't want to do this but, I have to-" feeling. It's sort of hard to describe to be honest because on the other hand it also, sounds like a villain has just made a wish but, it's either really sad or, makes you pity them or, their circumstances, haha... needless to say I really like it.

Also, "battle 2" is some nice upbeat fight music to jam to( also, also... cute cat).

I loved all of these songs, but Retrograde was probably my favorite. Just AAAA your music is so good!

i want the personality of Retrograde ;0;

retrograde is just 💯

I have a question, when do you plan to publish the song you used in "theme of a really cool bird"?

It's on youtube :)